5 Health Benefits of a Remote Working

Explore the top 5 health benefits of remote working. Discover how telecommuting can enhance work-life balance.

Are you working from home? Or are you looking for reasons and benefits of remote working in 2023? The ease of collaboration, communication, and remote access to software & information has transformed people’s lives personally and professionally. On the personal front, individuals can now conveniently handle household tasks and run errands online, including banking, paying bills, and even filing & paying taxes.‍

We rely on cloud storage to keep our essential documents & photos secure and use various apps to book travel and purchase household items online. Entertainment is also at our fingertips, as we can easily binge-watch TV shows on our tablets or immerse ourselves in our best video game.

Virtualization has changed the way we work. We use a lot of software & online equipment to do our work. With virtualization, we don’t have to work in an office anymore.

Amazing Benefits of Remote Working

Following are some advantages of working from home.

1. Flexible Schedule 

Workers who work from home have more flexible schedules and can visit their doctor or dentist without using their vacation days, unlike office workers who have to take paid time off for such appointments. 

2. Work Life Balance

People who work from home have more time to balance their social lives than those who rush to an office every morning, work all day quickly, and travel far distances. Because home-based workers can control their schedules and don’t have to worry about commuting, they can spend more time with their loved ones, friends, and family.

3. Reduces Stress 

Doing your job from home can make you feel less stressed. The American Psychological Association says more than one-third of American workers often feel stressed because of their work. Even though working from home can still be stressful, and you need to work just as hard as you would in an office, it lets you have more power over your schedule and your life.

4. Healthy Eating 

You don’t have to eat fast food all the time. When you work from home, it’s easier to eat healthier food instead of relying on vending machines or feeling like you have to eat junk food with your colleagues. Plus, people who work from home often have more time to eat breakfast and lunch because they can set their schedule.

5. Reduce Spread of Infections 

People who work from home don’t come into contact with as many germs. The CDC says that around 80% of infections spread through touching contaminated surfaces and objects. When you work in an office, you feel things your coworkers have touched, too, like door handles, supplies in the break room, telephones & elevator buttons. 

When bosses like having employees work from home and change how they manage their team, they get lots of good things, like spending less on things they need to run their business.

But something they might not have thought about is that having a healthier team is also a good thing. If companies want their workers to be happier and healthier, they should consider letting them work from home. 

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