11 Best Electric Toothbrushes for Whiter Teeth

Get whiter teeth with 11 best electric toothbrushes. Improve your oral health and dental care routine with these top-rated toothbrushes for a brighter smile.

Are you fed up with using normal toothbrushes? Are you looking for best electric toothbrushes? Do you want perfect cleansing of your teeth? Are you familiar with electric brushes? Do you want fresh breath, white and bright teeth?

Then don’t worry; we have answers to your questions. We will first describe the electric brushes, then their usage and advantages. So, let us start.

Electric toothbrushes have bristles that have a rotating sensor for cleansing teeth. The main function of these brushes is to protect the gums and teeth from plaque, remove plaque and dust particles, and whiten the teeth.

Now you are worried about the difference between normal and electric toothbrushes. Let HealthishLife explain it.

The function of both brushes is to clean the teeth, but the electric toothbrush deep cleans the teeth, removes plaque, and makes gums healthier and stronger.

Electric toothbrushes are a little bit expensive but have very good results as compared to normal brushes. You should buy a new manual toothbrush after every three months, but with an electric toothbrush, you will have to change the brush only.

These and many other reasons have made this brush a choice for everyone. In this article, we will explain the best electric brushes in the world. Let’s dive in.

11 Best Electric Toothbrushes to Buy Now from Amazon

  1. Oral-B iO Series 9 Electric Toothbrush
  2. Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush
  3. Oral-B Smart 1500 Electric Toothbrush
  4. Philips Sonicare, Healthy White Electric Toothbrush
  5. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush
  6. Quip Adult Electric Toothbrush
  7. 7am2m Sonic Electric Toothbrush
  8. ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush
  9. AquaSonic Vibe Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush
  10. Boka Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
  11. Hum By Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush Kit

Oral-B iO Series 9 Electric Toothbrush

This black color electric toothbrush is a product manufactured by Oral-B. Made of Nylon, this brush has seven different stages for brushing.

  • Daily cleansing
  • Whitening of teeth
  • Care of gums
  • Sensitivity
  • Cleaning of tongue
  • Super sensitive

It has a very good cleaning quality. It has a smart sensor for the protection of gums, a quick charging factor that can charge it 100% in just 3 hours, and microsensors of vibrations that can clean your teeth quickly.

It has an AI tracking mechanism that automatically detects teeth and cleans them. You will find it an amazing technological brush which is time and energy-consuming. Use it daily, and for better results, do change your brushes after every 120 days. 

You will get the following benefits from it:

  • Good cleaning of teeth
  • Smooth in design 
  • Simple to set up 
  • Connectivity with a smartphone application 
  • Seven different modes of brushing 

Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush

This white color electric brush is a product of Sonic, an award-winning technology that is the best option for the deep cleansing of teeth. It will give your mouth an amazing cleansing effect and health. You can charge it in full in 15 hours which lasts up to 70 days, making it comfortable for you.

Its special feature is that it has a brushing timer. You can adjust the time as much as you want. It will give a very refreshing feeling to your mouth. It will remove any kind of dirt particles and plaque. If you want the perfect cleaning of your teeth, then this one is the perfect option for you.

It will clean your teeth within 2 minutes, giving you a sigh of relief. Its main advantages are:

  • Three modes of cleansing
  • Smooth design
  • Deep cleansing of teeth

So, if you want to buy a cheap and deep-cleaning toothbrush, then you can’t wait and buy it. You will feel the best experience with it. 

Oral-B Smart 1500 Electric Toothbrush

This product is manufactured by Oral-B and can give you a deep cleansing of teeth, refreshing mouth, and comfort. This electric brush is highly recommended by the dentist all over the world. Its main features are:

  • Pressure sensor
  • Lithium battery
  • 2 minutes timer of cleansing
  • ADA accepted

You will get the following advantages from it:

  • Three cleansing modes
  • Powerful in deep cleansing
  • 14-day battery timings
  • Pressure sensor
  • 30 seconds timer buzzer
  • Smooth and sleek in design
  • Cheaper in money, time, and energy saving

So if you need deep cleansing at cheaper rates, it consumes time and energy, and a refreshing feeling, then opt for this. 

Philips Sonicare, Healthy White Electric Toothbrush

If you want a perfect smile, then you should choose Philips-made electric toothbrush. This brush helps you in removing dirt and plaque from your teeth. You will get amazing results within two weeks of use. Along with deep cleansing, it also gives gums a healthier look.

This brush has 6 different settings modes which are perfect for cleansing and whitening teeth. The cleansing mode will provide you with a daily clean in just 2 minutes, while the whitening mode will remove all the tough trains of tea, coffee, and tobacco within the usage of 14 days.

It has diamonds similar to bristles, which will give you a perfect cleansing. For better results, you should change them within every 90 days of usage.

It has the following qualities:

  • Good battery life
  • Cheaper in rates
  • Time and energy consuming
  • Best in cleaning and whitening teeth
  • 2 minutes timer
  • 3 modes of settings
  • Smooth and attractive in design

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush

It’s another best product by Philips. You will feel the difference in cleansing and whitening teeth by using this brush. You will be amazed to learn that this brush will clean those parts of your mouth that a normal brush does not. Its microchip quality makes it unique from all the brushes.

It has the following features:

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect battery life
  • Amazing cleansing mode
  • Microchip quality
  • Good quality of blisters
  • Cheaper rate

Quip Adult Electric Toothbrush

This toothbrush manufactured by Quip is very economical, effective, and easy to handle. This brush operates on a battery, unlike other toothbrushes, which are only chargeable with wire and switch.

Its main features are:

  • 2 minutes timer
  • 3 months battery life
  • Smaller in size
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to handle
  • Smooth in design
  • Operates on battery 

If you want a brush which has these qualities, then we will recommend you to buy this. You will love using it. 

7am2m Sonic Electric Toothbrush

This upgraded electric brush with advanced sonic technology is a product by 7am2m. it will not only remove plaque and dirt particles, clean and whiten your teeth but also improve your oral health. This brush has 5 brushing modes which we are listing below:

  • Gentle
  • Strong
  • Soft
  • Polish
  • Milder

It has six replaceable brushes in the packaging, and you have to change the brush after every 120 days. Its large battery feature makes it unique in the market, with 90 days of battery time. You can use it once or twice daily.

It has the following features:

  • 5 brushing modes
  • Cheaper in rates
  • Largest battery time
  • 2 minutes timer
  • 6colors
  • Soft bristles 

With all these qualities, this brush is the greatest choice for everyone. 

ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush

This ultra-soft electric brush is the best for cleansing your teeth, protecting your gums, and boosting the health of your teeth. It uses ION technology for the removal of plaque, keeps fresh breath, and protects your teeth from any kind of infection. It has a clean brush having charcoal technology.

It has the following qualities:

  • Smoothing and attractive design
  • ION technology
  • No need for toothpaste
  • Three modes of brushing
  • Soft brush head
  • Gives refreshing breath 

We hope that these qualities will attract you while buying these brushes. 

AquaSonic Vibe Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

Are you fed up with using the normal brushes? Then we are bringing you the ultra-cleansing brush. This brush will not only clean your teeth but also gives your gums a healthier and fresh look. This ADA-approved has advanced technology which makes your teeth brighter and shiner.

Its qualities are:

  • Lithium battery
  • Fast charging
  • Long battery life
  • 4 modes of brushing
  • Timer
  • Smart and eye-catching design
  • ADA accepted
  • Travel case

With all these qualities, this brush is the best choice for everyone. We hope that you will love to buy and use it and you will feel the difference upon 1st use. 

Boka Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

This Boka-made electric brush has the following qualities:

  • 2 minutes timer
  • ION battery
  • Sonic Powered
  • 2 brush heads
  • Charcoal safety caps
  • Attractive design

This brush will keep your mouth clean and refreshing. You will feel a big difference after using it. 

Hum By Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush Kit

This Colgate-made kit has the following things:

  • 1 electric brush
  • 1 charger
  • 1 carrying case
  • Extra brush

This kit has the following qualities:

  • Easy to handle
  • Cheaper rate
  • App connected
  • 2 years warranty
  • Travel friendly
  • Convenient
  • Long-lasting battery

It will give you a deep cleansing effect, brightens your teeth, and gives you fresh breath. You will feel comfortable while using this brush. Its app-connected technology has made it a choice for everyone. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Electric Toothbrushes

There are many types available in the world of electric brushes. You should choose the electric brush upon your preferences and taste. You should keep the following things in your mind while choosing electric brushes:

  • Intensity of cleaning 
  • Battery or charger brush 
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Cheaper or expensive 
  • Travel-friendly or not 

Always choose that brush that is suitable to your lifestyle, money, health, and taste. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the electric toothbrush work?

It’s a very common question these days. How does this electric toothbrush work? So let us tell you. This brush works by rotating it into your mouth, removing plaque, tough stains, and dirt particles. This only happens with microtechnology, which helps in making these brushes the best choice for everyone. 

Do dentists recommend normal toothbrushes or electric toothbrushes?

Yes, dentists do prefer electric brushes over normal ones. This is because these brushes are the best for cleaning and whitening the teeth. Along with this, these brushes help in the health of teeth and mouth. 

Can an electric toothbrush destroy my teeth?

Yes, these brushes may harm your teeth if you insert pressure on the brush while using it. This is the reason why we were saying to handle it with care and hold it softly. 

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