Top Vitamins & Minerals For Children Height Growth

Vitamins and Minerals are essential for height growth of children. It is much more likely possible that your kid might grow shorter than other children. Being a parent, there is no shame in having intentions for seeing your child into a big and healthy being. If you are tired of using traditional ways, you should encourage your kid to have food rich in minerals and vitamins.

Various factors have a greater impact on a kid’s height, including genes, diet, and environmental factors. Following a diet with proper nutrients and minerals has the development of growth. Some special minerals and vitamins play a significant role in your child’s growth. However, this article covers all those vitamins and minerals in detail with their benefits to help you understand them better.

Top 5 Height-Increasing Vitamins For Children

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is correspondingly termed retinol. It is considered the most vital vitamin for enhancing height growth, especially in children. However, choose food for your kid that enriches vitamin A. 

The main aim of vitamin A is to enhance the child’s height by producing calcium which nourishes the bones and increases the development process. Fruits pages broccoli, and fortified milk contain vitamin A. So make sure to add them to your child’s food menu.

Vitamin D

Because of genetic disorders, many children are not strong enough to grow with ordinary height. That is why it is recommended that parents must choose food that contains vitamin D so that it helps their children to become taller. Vitamin D directly affects the physical height and accelerates its process. Vitamin D contains Calcium and Phosphorus. However, these additional minerals impact the height and prevent bone erosion and cracks.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B affects the development of the body on various levels. This vitamin B complex is made with a combination of 11 vitamins that directly helps the body’s development. However, of these 11 vitamins, Cobalamin is the main agent that enhances height without affecting the tissues and bones. Specialized child doctors prescribe vitamin B complex supplements to enhance children’s daily growth.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also referred to as ascorbic acid. It is a natural requirement to enhance a child’s speed of maturity and growth. A child needs to take this vitamin regularly to speed up his height. Vitamin C is present in many fruits like bananas, avocados, and citrus. Its main aim is to enhance the body’s strength, nourish the bones, and make new collagens.

Vitamin K

Calcium is an essential supplement or mineral for the growth of bones. It is a proven fact that Vitamin K gives smooth and speedy body growth. Therefore, it is essential to give food to children enriched with Vitamin K so that it accelerates the growth process and stops bone erosion.

Best Height Increasing Minerals For Children


Calcium is a mineral that is mainly used for the re-growth of bones. It is a basic requirement of a body to have calcium for the proper development and growth of a child. However, low infusion of calcium leads to a deficiency of calcium in children. Fruits like bananas and dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt contain calcium. Adding them to a daily diet would help develop the growth process. 


The main goal of Magnesium is to reinforce the bones so that musculature would boast up. However, it works more efficiently in the presence of Phosphorus. It gives a steady enhancement in the growth of the body.  

Wrap Up!

Vitamins & minerals are an essential part of the human diet. They not only enhance the growth of a child but also aids adults in protecting their bones from cracks and erosion. As a parent, if you want to see your child growing faster and healthier, then you should start adding vitamins and minerals into your child’s diet. Vitamins A, B, C, K, Calcium, and Magnesium all play an essential role in height and body growth. 

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