Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?

Are Fitness Trackers Worth It
Are Fitness Trackers Worth It

Are Fitness Trackers Worth It? Explore the benefits and drawbacks of using technology to monitor your health and exercise habits.

Good health is the reason behind a person’s success in different aspects of life. With robustness and an active body, you can easily achieve your goals. So if you aim to achieve a great healthy lifestyle, you need some health tools and equipment. For this, we are going to recommend using fitness trackers! 

Are fitness trackers worth it? Well, it depends on what type of fitness tracker you are using and whether it meets the quality standards! All in all, without a fitness tracker, you cannot maintain your health, so it is important to learn about them in detail so that you can equip yourself with accurate knowledge about using fitness trackers. 

The purpose of a fitness tracker is not just to monitor your health and provide you with real-time health stats. It has more to its functions. Healthishlife is going to learn about its cool functions today in this post! 

Let’s get started!

Are Fitness Trackers Worth It? Top 11 Health Benefits of Fitness Trackers

Measure Heart Health

Fitness trackers are useful for monitoring the cardiac health of a person. Because when you indulge in strenuous exercise or go for a walk, your heart changes. Therefore, fitness trackers prove to be beneficial in monitoring real-time heartbeat and heart pace changes. 

It is a portable device that also omits the need to use a bulky ECG machine. According to National Institutes of Health (.gov), fitness trackers can even notify you of future cardiac health concerns by detecting the peculiarities and anomalies in the heart’s rhythm. It is also better to consult with your doctor regarding frequent usage of fitness trackers if you have recently undergone heart surgery or have a pacemaker. It will protect you from possible risks on all counts. 

Measure Diabetes

There are some types of fitness trackers that go well for the wellness of diabetic patients. A special type of fitness tracker called a continuous glucose monitoring device can prove to be useful in this regard. It detects real-time blood sugar changes in your body and keeps you aware of it all the time.

You can even connect it to your smartphone. Real-time beeps and notifications on your phone will let you know about your blood sugar levels easily. You can even regulate your insulin take by relying on this amazing monitoring device. 

Enhance Sleep

Fitness trackers are also responsible for providing you with a goodnight’s sleep. Plus, these can impressively improve your sleeping patterns. Take a sleep ring, for example. People who find a wristband heavy on their wrist often rely on a sleep ring for a comfortable sleep.

When you start improving your sleep with a sleep ring, you will realize how better your cognitive abilities have become and how you are getting sharper in some areas. Therefore, be it a sleep ring or a wristband, you can use these devices to rectify your sleeping patterns easily. 

Inspiration to Move

There is no doubt that a fitness tracker is your biggest motivation. It is because maintaining your health and fitness requires a lot of struggle and dedication. You are more likely to get demotivated and give up on this goal but with a fitness tracker, chances for this are rare.

There is no fitness tracker today that you cannot connect to your mobile phone. Different apps send you personalized motivational notifications that urge you to get up and achieve your daily fitness goal. Experts believe that fitness trackers are a good way to move forward and keep progressing in terms of achieving a healthy lifestyle. 

Stimulation and Motivation to Do Things

You never feel alone when you are using a fitness tracker. So this should answer your question, “Are fitness trackers worth it?” Of course, they are! Because they are your constant source of motivation. Real-time analytics and health stats can keep you aware of your progress made. Secondly, you can stay motivated toward your health goals and fill in the gaps that you might have left behind during your journey. 

Targeted training 

Who does not want to go for targeted training? Pathless training will lead you nowhere. Therefore, fitness trackers are perfect for this purpose. You can set your goals with them and strive to achieve them as well. Want to walk for 15 minutes daily?

Set your goal on a fitness tracker, and it will push you to achieve this goal at the same time. You can even increase your goal’s limit when you feel up to it. Now you know that fitness trackers are worth it because of the edge they provide you with targeted training. 

Goal Setting & Tracking

You can never become healthy without goal-setting. The sole reason is that a human needs a goal to achieve and dedication that leads them towards their goal. So a fitness tracker can help you in this regard.

Goal setting and health targeting are much easier with such a device. Be it your calories burnt, or weight you have lost, or some other goal. A fitness tracker can make it much easier for you on all counts. 

Community & Support

Did you know that a fitness tracker can bring you closer to people like you? Different fitness tracker brands have developed huge communities and forums where you can interact with thousands of users and health enthusiasts.

Share tips and knowledge with them and answer their questions as per your knowledge. It is amazing that using a fitness device can unleash so much information on you while keeping you healthy. Therefore, with a good fitness tracker comes accurate knowledge, support, and more enthusiasm. 

Promotes Healthy Eating

According to SpringerOpen, when you are using a fitness tracker, you also need to aim for healthier dietary habits. So that you can take full advantage of a fitness tracker, it relates to your calorie intake; therefore, it is important that you are not consuming calories which will not provide positive results even if you use a fitness tracker. 

Helps to Stay hydrated

A fitness tracker also keeps you hydrated and reminds you to have some water when it detects low water levels in your body. Therefore, if you are still wondering, are fitness trackers worth it? Then it’s high time that you start using the one!

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Calorie Counting

When we aim for a healthy lifestyle and keep our main goal should be a balanced intake of calories. Otherwise, our fitness trackers will not be able to help us monitor and regulate our fitness on all counts. The number of calories you are taking should be according to your desired body shape as well.

Lower calorie intake is important if you are aiming to lose weight. There are different fitness trackers available that keep a record of what you are intaking. Plus, you can even manually add up your daily diet on them for memory purposes. 

Disadvantages and Considerations to Are fitness trackers worth it?

There is no doubt that a fitness tracker is an entirely beneficial device to sustain your fitness and health. However, it will be better that you get to learn about some helpful considerations while relying on a fitness tracker for your own future good!

Accuracy & Reliability

It is important that you use an accurate and reliable fitness tracker. It is because accurate statistics are beneficial so that you can have a vivid idea about your daily progress. Plus, you cannot afford to have a breakable fitness tracker since when you are exercising, or you are going for a walk, there are chances that your fitness tracker might fall off your wrist and break. If you use a reliable and durable fitness tracker, you can exercise easily. 

Battery Life 

If the battery of your fitness tracker dies really soon, then there is no point in using it. Therefore always rely on a fitness tracker with a long-lasting battery. A good fitness tracker with a reliable battery is one that helps you with at least 3-4 hours of jogging and exercising. 

Price Range

You must know that different fitness trackers vary in terms of features and pricing. Therefore always buy a fitness tracker that fits your needs and health goals. Also, you don’t want to go for an extremely expensive fitness tracker if an affordable option can help you set health goals and achieve them easily. 

User Experience

So fitness trackers are not really good with the interface because of too many buttons and features. But still, there are some users that find them useful and intriguing to give a try. But if you are not up for such fitness trackers, then try to prioritize your user experience. Always look for a fitness tracker which is easy to use for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Fitness Trackers Ideally Best For?

Fitness trackers are basically for those people who are aiming for a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. Different fitness trackers have different features, and due to this reason, people find them a good source of motivation and real-time health statistics. It does not matter if you are an athlete or a normal health enthusiast; you can always rely on fitness trackers to set and achieve your health goals impressively and with great success. 

Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?

Many users ask this question, and due to this reason, it is important to address it at this point. Yes, fitness trackers are worth it. The reasons can be many. You can not only monitor and regulate your health but stay updated on your body changes like blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart, and breathing rates so that you can improvise your fitness strategy as per these real-time health statistics. However, it is important to know that the price range of these fitness trackers is variable, and you need to find a perfect choice as per your needs. Or else you won’t be able to avail benefits of fitness trackers at all!

When should we not use a fitness tracker?

Sometimes due to a lack of knowledge and reckless behavior, users forget to be cautious while exercising. Therefore chances of injuries and fatal mishaps increase. Also, some people overindulge in their health statistics shown by their fitness trackers and want to do everything in a day or two. It leads them to disturb their own mental and emotional peace. Due to this reason, some experts don’t support relying on fitness trackers. 

What are the advantages of fitness trackers?

With the help of a fitness tracker, you can become self-aware in terms of fitness and health. You can start achieving your health goals fastly and can stay updated on your body changes while exercising and running as well. A fitness tracker makes you more punctual and disciplined, which leads you to develop a healthy lifestyle on all counts. 

Is a fitness tracker identical to an Android smartwatch?

A fitness tracker is solely for providing you with real-time health stats on its display, while a smartwatch can be connected to your mobile so that you can receive your weekly health reports and health change notifications while providing you with real-time statistics as well. These are almost similar, but what you need for either of them depends on your requirements and health goals. 

How accurate are fitness trackers to measure blood pressure?

This depends on the type of fitness tracker you are causing. Every fitness tracker out there has its limitations, and due to this reason, you can easily choose one from them depending on your needs. 

Are Fitbits really good?

Fitbit trackers are not useful when it comes to monitoring strenuous exercises and providing you with core health statistics. But these are beneficial in terms of monitoring less intense workouts and also prove some crucial health analytics as well. 

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