Do Sunglasses Block Blue Light? Exploring the Benefits of Sunglasses

Do Sunglasses Block Blue Light

Do sunglasses block blue light? Learn about the benefits of protecting your eyes from digital screens.

You are not thinking of going out in the Sun without blue light sunglasses, aren’t’ you? Do Sunglasses Block Blue Light? Well, sunglasses are important in the summer when you wear them to the beach. Plus, when working on the computer or phone, these prove to be really handy. 

Today, sunglasses are not accessories for people; instead, these have become highly important for saving your eyes from stress and unfavorable weather conditions. The latest studies show that sunglasses not only protect you from the bad influence of the Sun but also shield your eyes from the blue light coming from computers. 

In this post, our topic of discussion is to prove that sunglasses can actually block blue light from computers. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started! 

What is Blue Light?

Blue light refers to electromagnetic radiation and is somewhat similar to the rays coming from the Sun in nature. 

Such radiation is short in wavelength and comes packed with tons of energy as well. Now imagine how can such powerful radiation interacting with your eyes has the potential to ruin them. 

The blue light eventually damages your retina and the cornea, which are the sensitive parts of human eyes. Blue light has two types of sources. One is the natural source of blue light which is the Sun, while the second is the artificial source which can include computers. 

What are Blue Light Sunglasses?

By far, you know much about blue light and where it comes from to attack you. However, there is a smart way of controlling this blue light from damaging your eyes impressively. 

The solution lies in the light blue glasses. These glasses have proved to be effective in this regard and ensure 100% protection against dangerous blue light. 

Basically, these are a type of polarized glasses that prevent the UV rays from reaching your eyes and damaging the important parts. There is a special mechanism in the blue light glasses. You can even customize them since many people like customized blue light glasses. There is a system of light-blocking lenses in these glasses that work on a filtration system. 

This entire mechanism resists the blue light from interacting with your eyes. So it means if you wear them while working on the computer, you can protect your eyes easily.

Things to Know about Blue Light

If you are the one who works a lot at a computer or often goes out in the Sun, then you have more chances of catching blue light and ruining your eyes. In this case, blue light glasses come in handy for you. Unfortunately, if you happen to experience long exposure to blue light, then it can lead to impaired vision and eye cancer. However, to save yourself from this, you need to understand some facts about the blue light. Here we go!

  • The Sun is the major source of the generation of blue light, and when it’s out, there are more chances that you can catch blue light from the Sun. Now it does not mean that you can stay protected from blue light when hibernating inside your home. Your television, mobile phone, and even your PC are a source of blue light.
  • The human eye is not powerful enough to protect itself from blue light; therefore, wearing a pair of protective blue light glasses can help a great deal. 
  • Prolonged exposure to blue light can extremely damage the retina and cornea of the eye leading to problematic vision. 
  • Blue light is a powerful electromagnetic radiation which is why it is not something that you can ignore and delay protecting your eyes from. 
  • Some studies show that exposure to blue light to some extent cannot harm the eyes; however, prolonged exposure is considered extremely damaging for the person. 

Do sunglasses block blue light from computers?

Most sunglasses serve the purpose of providing the utmost protection from the UV rays of the Sun. Due to this reason, you need to wear them always while going out during the day. 

Lucky for you, there are still some types of sunglasses that are helpful in protecting your eyes from blue light. Owing to this fact, you need to wear blue light glasses when working on the laptop and using your mobile phone. Now there are some colors that you need to look for while getting yourself blue light sunglasses. Experts believe orange, yellow, copper and brown glasses are beneficial in this regard. 

These colors provide fine filtration of the blue light, which is why wearing glasses of these colors will prove to be handy. However, wherever you are going to buy these glasses, you need to make sure that they are helpful in shielding your eyes from UV rays and blue light. 

Can the blue light come from the screen of my computer or mobile damage my eyes?

If you are sitting on your laptop for long periods of time, then there are higher chances that you will get affected by the blue light to a large extent. 

When you work on your computer for long hours, it severely damages your vision and puts strain on your eyes as well. For this reason, experts dont recommend using computers for a long duration at all. 

A problematic vision can lead to headaches, and sitting in just one position can also lead to body fatigue. Besides, the negative impact of blue light on your eyes does not end here. It leads to sleep deprivation and anxiety. 

It is a leading cause of increased melatonin production in the body, which is not good for the optimum health of a person. Therefore, on all counts, wearing light blue glasses is beneficial to save yourself from major health setbacks. 

How do sunglasses protect my eyes from blue light?

The readily available sunglasses in the market have UV400 lenses in general. Now these are special lenses for the complete blockage of the harmful UV rays coming from the Sun. These also pair up with the glasses to reduce the glare as much as possible. 

You will find a huge range of sunglasses out there, but choosing the appropriate pair is highly important. You cannot buy any sunglasses; instead, choosing the right sunglasses will benefit you in the long run. 

The color of the sunglasses must be copper, yellow, or orange so that these can trap the blue light that you will receive from the computers impressively. In this way, these colors are important for ensuring the complete blockage of blue light. 

How to use sunglasses correctly to block blue light?

You have a clear idea about how blue light sunglasses can prove to help you with the maintenance of your overall health. Blue light sunglasses are many people’s favorite because they are effective in completely protecting your eyes from possible damage in the long run. Now if you ever get confused about choosing regular computer glasses and light blue sunglasses, then we have a satisfactory answer for you. 

You can never go wrong with blue light glasses at all since these are more efficient than any other regular computer glasses. However, in this case, always rely on the recommended colors of the lens to avoid complications. If you want a pair that helps you with the outdoors and indoors, then go with photochromic lenses. 

These are beneficial to protect you from UV rays and also keep your eyes protected from the digital strain exerted by the PCs and laptops on your eyes. One more thing to remember about these glasses is that you can choose from various designs as you like since these are different for males and females. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Blue Light Sunglasses for You

In this section, Healthishlife is going to shed light on some tips when you are buying light blue sunglasses. Remember to consider these when you are on the move to buy one so that you won’t end up buying the inappropriate pair for yourself. Take a look:

  • Check the UV rating of the glasses, which means to which extent these glasses block the UV rays from the Sun. A good UV rating ranges around 400+, which is more than enough.
  • See if the glasses work on blue-light blocking technology or not because there is no point in buying the pair without it. Some glasses have the ability to stop blue light up to 380 nanometers which is impressive. These glasses are also beneficial in protecting your eyes from short-wavelength electromagnetic radiation normally produced by digital devices.
  • If the glasses have polarized lenses, it is beneficial. Polarized glasses are helpful in preventing the glare that exerts strain on your eyes. 
  • Check if the pair is comfortable or not. Make sure these don’t feel heavy on your face so that you can wear them easily while going out and working as well. 

Wrap Up on Do sunglasses block blue light!

Blue light glasses are highly crucial for the protection of your eyes. No matter if you are hitting the beach or working from home, these glasses are going to be your biggest lifesaver in this regard. We hope that you have found using light blue glasses highly inevitable for the health of your eyes and for protecting your vision. 

So that you won’t start to see blurred before old age, using blue light glasses is a good investment in yourself which will benefit you later. There are some recommendations that you have t know before buying the best pair of light blue glasses for yourself. Adhere to these, and don’t let your money go to waste! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can sunglasses block the blue light during sleeping?

Sunglasses have been scientifically proven to block blue light. However, experts don’t recommend them for the artificial light produced by digital devices like white light. 

Can I wear sunglasses while working on the computer?

Absolutely! Wearing blue light glasses while working will save and protect your eyes from digital strain and harmful blue light coming from digital devices. Plus, these glasses will also save you from undergoing several health problems.

Is there any difference between normal sunglasses and light blue sunglasses?

Blue light glasses are helpful in trapping the blue and green wavelengths, especially when the Sun is out. On the other hand, polarized sunglasses are for trapping harmful UV light because of their higher intensity. 

How can I know if my sunglasses are blue light or not?

The simple lens reflection test will help in this regard. Just take out the glasses and check their reflection. If it is blue, consider your glasses blue light glasses. 

Is there any harm if I wear blue light sunglasses all day?

Not at all! There is no harm if you wear blue light glasses all day long. You are just protecting your eyes from possible damage, and also, wearing them outside can help in the protection of the eyes to a large extent.

Are blue light sunglasses very expensive? 

Some blue light glasses are available for up to $50, but you can find a reliable pair for under $30. The best part amounts them is that you don’t need a prescription for these glasses. 

How much screen time is good for my eyes?

Experts believe the less screen time, the better. However, there are some jobs that make you sit on the screen for long hours of time like Forex Trading. Due to this reason, it increases the chances of eye damage from digital devices. But you can take intermittent breaks to lower the influence of screen time on your eyes and health. 

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