Top Health & Fitness Trends in 2023

It’s that time of the year again when we have gained extra pounds from indulging in Christmas turkey and taking a break from our usual routines. Many of us start thinking about how to get back on track and, for tech-savvy individuals, how technology can help. 

Healthish Life has partnered with experts in fields such as personal training, nutrition, and coaching. We aim to provide insights into the trends, technologies, industries, and discoveries that are expected to shape nutrition, fitness, health, and mental well-being in 2023.

Fitness trends 2023:

  • Building muscle

According to a fitness survey, building muscle is the top fitness resolution for 2023. More individuals recognize that strength training can help with both weight loss and muscle building.

  • Cardio classes

People are also seeking fitness classes to improve their cardiovascular fitness, leading to the expansion of GTX, Ultra Fit, and Cardio dance classes at lifetime clubs nationwide in 2023. These classes incorporate strength training for a combined workout.

  • Fitness for Mental Health

Exercise is becoming increasingly popular as a way to cope with stress and promote mental health. More and more people are recognizing that staying active and healthy has benefits beyond the physical.

  • Focus on flexibility & mobility

Enhance flexibility and mobility through high-intensity training: By focusing on improving your range of motion and movement, you can increase functional ability, reduce the risk of injury, and alleviate discomfort.

Food & Nutrition Trends 2023:

  • Anti-inflammatory

Incorporating natural, anti-inflammatory methods to support immune function and overall wellness: To reduce inflammation and improve overall health, consider incorporating plants into your diet, limiting sugar intake, and choosing healthy fats. These practices can help support your immune system and overall well-being.

  • Time-limited dining

Intermittent fasting, also known as time-limited dining, can offer benefits for metabolic health and resilience by providing your body with regular periods without food.

  • Everything without alcohol

The increasing availability of non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails, craft beers, and other beverages will likely lead to a trend of abstaining from or consuming less alcohol in 2023.

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