Making the Most of Your Bedtime: 7 Practical Habits Before Going to Bed

Discover 7 practical habits before going to bed to improve your sleep quality.

Looking for practical habits before going to bed? You are responsible for maintaining your body and beauty! You can never undernourish your skin and expect it to be glowy and firm all the time. Skin is always more likely to face damage due to harmful external factors. Harsh weather, UV rays, windchills, and whatnot! 

Our skin goes through a lot. At the same time, our body also needs special care. So that your body can help you stay ahead of your competitors, in this post, HealthishLife is going to discuss some good practices that you should follow before taking a nap that would refresh your skin, maintain your body, and would also make you a successful human being! 

Top 7 Practical Habits Before Going to Bed


Proper showering contributes to keeping your skin healthy. Now don’t get confused between using cold water and hot water. Because we recommend, you use warm water since it helps you with fixing sleeping patterns and also does not harm your skin cells as compared to cold water. 

It does not mean that you will start using extra warm water. It will burn your skin, and we don’t want that. Make sure that the water’s temperature is tolerable for you. 


It is a good reason why most of the people who meditate are successful and have glowy skin at the same time. So it’s better to start meditating to revive your damaged and rough skin this instant!

Meditation also helps keep your skin alive! Mantras are useful and also maintain a perfect balance between mind and body in the long run. 


Journaling is another good way to keep that mental stress at bay! Just note down your to-dos and follow them throughout your day. It definitely helps you work with a relaxed mind without any distractions. 

You successfully complete your to-dos and achieve your goals just by journaling. 

Skin also gets damaged due to excessive stress, and most workaholics face skin issues since they always deal with stress-giving bosses. However, journaling can help reduce such chances a lot. 

Drinking Water

Drinking enough water speeds up the process of fixing sleeping patterns. Doctors and experts cannot emphasize this enough for you. 

Now you need to get those 8 glasses of water every day to regulate your body processes and step forward to have a sound sleep without any stress. 

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Brushing Teeth

Your oral cavity is also a part of your body, which means you need to pay heed to your dental hygiene. Make sure to brush your teeth after getting up and before going to sleep to kill harmful bacteria and germs. It saves your teeth from decay and also maintains dental hygiene. 

Working Out

Yes, you heard it right. Working out might not be for you if you have been working all day long. However, gathering yourself for a simple warmup won’t be troublesome. It makes your body flexible, releases toxins, and helps with sound sleep. 

Ditching Devices

Limit your screen time. Scrolling social media content before going to sleep creates a negative impact on your health. It might lead you to nightmares as well. 

Don’t want to get scared in the middle of the night? Then don’t use your phone before bed. Put your device on bedtime mode and have a sound sleep. It will help you get up with a fresh mind and an active body to go through the entire day. 

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